Classical Guitar Lessons in Victoria, BC

Natasha Pashchenko offers classical guitar lessons in Quadra Village, Victoria, BC.

Levels taught are beginner to university. All students have access to performance opportunities, creative projects, and workshops with guest artists. Open Mics and Community Guitar Ensemble are made possible through the Victoria Guitar Society.

Ages 3 and up Suzuki Guitar Lessons
Music education and life skills development through guitar for parents and kids, based on the Schinichi Suzuki Method. This method is highly rewarding and thrives on teamwork between parent, teacher, and student (“the Suzuki Triangle”). For the first year or so, we learn pieces by ear like one would learn a native language. With this method, both the parent and the child learn to play and “speak” music with each other. There is a group class component in addition to private lessons where kids learn to play together.

Classical Guitar for Kids Ages 6 – 16
I often use a combination of various guitar methods to suit your family’s education needs and your child’s interests. By default, I offer an all rounded development of basic music skills and learning skills. There are regular opportunities to play with others and perform in public (open mics, senior homes, etc). I also enjoy preparing students for RCM exams, festivals, and competitions, and celebrating successes with them.

Classical guitar for adults
I work with all adult age groups and adjust my approach to the needs, ambitions, and abilities of my students. You can choose to advance your playing or play easy stuff for fun. I teach playing by ear, reading music, and strumming chords. I sing and encourage singing in the lesson. Adult guitar ensemble options are available around town, as are solo performance opportunities.