in Quadra Village, Victoria, BC

COVID-19 safety measures are in place at all times for in person lessons.

We know times are strange, but so far we have been resourceful and have made things work for all sorts of situations!

Currently accepting students for online and occasional in-person sessions in: Suzuki guitar (ages 4-9)
Classical Guitar (all ages)
Piano (all ages)
Composition (individual and group)
Music Theory (individual and group)
Music History (group)
Music Therapy (individual)


Music therapy available for children and young people with special needs: every Wednesday

Shannon Perkins Carr is a certified music therapist, with experience working with children and young people with a range of special needs, including autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, ADHD, and emotional and behavioural difficulties. Music therapy can be a great way to tap into your child’s abilities, and motivate them to work towards a range of aims, such as improving communication skills, social skills, self-esteem, and motor skills.
Sessions are tailored to each person’s needs and abilities, so a range of activities may be explored, including songwriting, improvising, singing familiar songs, structured games, and learning about music.

Please get in touch with Shannon for more information and a phone consultation. www.connecting-through-music.com

Explore Music Through Classical Guitar Workshop from August 4th. Video now available!

NEW*   AVAILABLE ONLINE: Consultancy and Support for Parents of Children with Additional Needs. Training in coping strategies involving music activities at home. Contact for more information! (Put “Support” in the subject line.)


Classical Guitar Lessons in Victoria
Piano Lessons
Theory & Musicianship

Classical/Suzuki Guitar in Nanaimo, BC (currently online)

Nanaimo Conservatory of Music

Music Therapy with certified MT  Shannon Perkins Carr