Music Therapy

Every Wednesday at Good Music Studio in Quadra Village (currently online due to COVID-19 crisis).

AVAILABLE ONLINE IMMEDIATELY: Consultancy and Support for Parents of Children with Additional Needs. Training in coping strategies involving music activities at home. Contact for more information! (Put “Support” in the subject line.)

Shannon Perkins Carr

Shannon holds an MA in Music Therapy with Distinction from Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge (UK).  Originally from Vancouver, Shannon studied guitar and composition at the University of British Columbia. She worked as a music therapist in London for over five years, supporting children and young people with a variety of needs.

Shannon’s field of expertise is children and adolescents with disabilities such as Autism Spectrum Conditions, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy and many more. She has experience in a variety of settings, including schools, hospitals, hospices and clients’ homes.

Since her recent move to Victoria, BC, Shannon is looking forward to sharing her passion for music and its ability to help people connect, heal, express themselves and reach their full potential.

You can get in touch with Shannon through her website or by emailing Good Music Studio.


“Shannon has had a big impact on Sarah’s confidence and she thoroughly enjoys her sessions. She looks forward to her music therapy and we never have to cajole her into going every Saturday, which believe me, says a lot!!”
~ Parent of a music therapy client

“Harry started off not talking at all during the sessions and has progressed to being very expressive and chatty, enjoying his favourite games and trying out new instruments. Shannon was also kind enough to visit our school and help give the teachers ideas on how to include Harry despite his selective mutism.”
~ Parent of a music therapy client