Rates & Policy


Rates & Policy 2021-2022

First meeting/lesson is free of charge

Regular weekly lesson rates (term commitment/lesson slot booking, monthly payment)
Piano/guitar lesson 30min $30
Piano/guitar lesson 45min $40
Piano/guitar lesson 60min $50
Piano/guitar lesson 90min $75
**Group/ensemble lessons now happen on a case by case basis online or outside weather permitting. The fee is by donation.

*Casual/irregular lesson rates (no scheduling commitment, case by case lesson slot booking)
Piano/guitar lesson 60min – $60; 45min – $45; 30min – $35

** There is an added fee for any lessons outside of the studio, calculated based on travel time.

Studio Policy

The lesson fee includes: the learning session itself; lesson preparation time and individual program planning; participation in semi-annual student recitals; additional learning materials (scores, audio, handouts).

Scheduling: A regular meeting time is set up upon signing the agreement. Please pick a time that you can commit to.

Payment is to be made by the first scheduled lesson of each month accounting for a month’s worth of lessons, via cheque, e-transfer, or cash. Your payment reserves a regular lesson time slot. If no payment is received by the indicated time, your time slot is no longer reserved and becomes available to other students. Your payment is an acknowledgement of the time value reserved for you. Please respect your time slot.

Code of conduct in the lesson: Please bring your most cheerful and respectful attitude to the lesson. If you are a parent, please prepare your child for what to expect and how to act in the lesson. Please kindly respect the studio space. The teacher may terminate the lesson in case of rude or disruptive behaviour.

Missed and cancelled lessons: A lesson that the teacher has to cancel will be made up or lesson credit will be given. No payment credit/refund will be provided for students who miss lessons for any reason. If a lesson falls on a statutory holiday, it may be rescheduled or skipped; special arrangements can be made. To reschedule a lesson, 24 hour minimum notice is required with the exception of sickness/family emergency. The teacher reserves the right to take one (1) emergency sick day per calendar year without offering a make-up lesson.

Make-up lessons: a paid missed lesson may be made up during normal teaching hours depending on available openings. Priority will be given to making up lessons missed due to sickness or a family emergency. Please use this option wisely. Here is a great article on make-up lessons, written by a parent.

  • If you don’t come to your lesson and I still have to be at the studio, to do a make-up is an extra work slot. If 10 or more students happen to request a make up in the same month, I will be physically unable to work all the extra time.
  • If your lesson time is consistently not working for you, let’s rethink the schedule and make adjustments.
  • Unless a lesson is missed for medical reasons, the number of make up lessons is limited to 1 per semester. *Non-medical reasons include: trips, other activities scheduled during lesson time, etc.

* Frequent requests for special arrangements will call for Casual Lesson Rates*

Punctuality: Late arrivals will affect lesson duration. The missed amount of time will be subtracted from the lesson time. E.g. if you are 10min late to a 60min lesson, your lesson duration will be 50min.

Lesson materials and gear: Student must bring the following materials to each lesson: assigned music book/handouts, homework notebook, footstool (for guitar lessons).

Assignments and regular practice: The student is expected to develop and maintain a regular practice routine, starting with only 5min a day. The student is responsible for completion of assigned homework prior to the lesson.

Active listening and performance: Participation in two studio recitals a year and attending selected concerts or festivals is mandatory. Participation in festivals is not mandatory but is highly encouraged.

Probation Period
There is a two-month (~ 8 lessons) “probation period” after which the teacher and student do a review and decide whether to continue with lessons long-term. This is a good time for the student/parent to voice concerns, comments, ask questions. These are the key factors we will look at:

  • respectful attitude
  • timely payments
  • attendance
  • behaviour in the lesson
  • daily practice and completion of assignments
  • punctuality

Service cancellation: Students wishing to discontinue lessons must give one month’s notice, or in lieu of notice, one month’s fees must be paid. The teacher reserves the right to terminate services in case of excessive absences or late or irregular payments. 

Contact and Communication: email is the best way to contact the teacher. Phone or text when quick response is necessary. Please do ask questions if you are unsure about anything: lesson, home routine, learning material, etc.