I started to learn classical guitar as a teenager for about a year, and then quit – for 40 years. 

When I had my first lesson with Natasha five months ago, I could barely play anything, let alone read music.  Natasha has patiently guided me back to, and beyond where I left off.  She uses a variety of exercises to build technique, enhance musicality (where I thought I had none whatsoever!) and ear training combined with non-intimidating music theory.  Being a mature novice student presents unique challenges for both teacher and student.  Natasha’s teaching practice balances technical precision, patience, creativity – and above all, joy in the moment.  I have also appreciated the opportunity to participate in regular open mics.   

~ Eugenie Lam


My daughter has been taking piano lessons with Natasha going on six years.  Natasha is a kind, compassionate, hard working, and ever patient teacher. She is always encouraging, and very accommodating.  Natasha asks for excellence (expectations according to age) and gives great praise and rewards for a job well done. The best piano teacher I’ve ever come across.

~ Angela Faber