Online Lesson Settings


Please use a screen large enough that you can see the teacher clearly from your seat. For example, a smartphone screen is too small and may cause you to twist in funny ways during the lesson in order to see and hear better.

Make sure the teacher can see both your hands and your keyboard/guitar clearly.
Have your music stand close to you and be comfortable looking at it as well as the screen without changing your position.

A built-in microphone is often fine – a lot of modern devices have a good quality built-in microphone. If yours isn’t working well for lessons, there are excellent USB microphones in the range of $50-200.


Download Zoom here. To update your current version, click on your profile icon at the top right and choose Check for Updates in the drop-down menu.

  1.  Open a meeting in Zoom. Go down to the bottom left-hand side of the screen, where there is a picture of a microphone with a ∧ next to it. Click on the ∧, then click on Audio Settings at the bottom option of the menu.
  2. Find Music and Professional Audio and select this option and you will get a tick in a blue box for Show in-meeting option to “Turn On Original Sound”.
  3.  At the top of the box are Microphone settings.  You can adjust this using the Volume slider beneath the Input level line.
  4. Set Background Noise Suppression to LOW.
  5. Check High Fidelity Music Mode
  6. Set Echo Cancellation to Auto or Disabled (depending on your version)
  7. As you go back to the Meeting Screen, at the top left you will see Turn On Original Sound. Click on this it to use original sound without Zoom trying to adjust it.  You should now see this every time you open a Zoom meeting. You will need to turn it on for music lessons.

For mobile devices the process may be slightly different but the same settings should be easily accessible.