Guitar Method by Bradford Werner

My colleague Bradford Werner has recently issued a Classical Guitar Method for Beginners. I invite everyone to check it out: it is clear, accessible, extremely well thought through, and fun to learn from. Every piece and exercise has a very specific purpose to facilitate learning, achieve ease and comfort at the instrument, and help develop the right habits from the start.

The Method includes:

  • lots of enjoyable teacher-student duets
  • carefully chosen solo pieces
  • note-spelling and note-finding exercises
  • an introduction to chords and multiple music styles on guitar
  • an introduction to scales

I use it in addition to the Suzuki Repertoire as reading and playing material for young children as well as an essential learning resource for adult students. It works for all ages!

Volume 1 can be downloaded for free here.
Volume 2 of the Method can be found here.

Brad’s website has an abundance of information on classical guitar: video lessons, sheet music, a newsletter, a blog, and much more.