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On Practicing Guitar and Getting Better

From two brilliant people.  

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Renaissance Guitar Duets – Fun!

Big thanks to my colleague Bradford Werner for the opportunity to play beautiful music from the Renaissance era! There is sheet music available through a link in the video description.  

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Celino Romero of Los Romeros is coming to town

Guitarist Celino Romero, a younger branch of the legendary Romero family tree, is coming to play in Victoria at the end of March 2018. If you know of Pepe Romero, who has been an honored guest in Victoria many times in the … Continue reading

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Suzuki Groups January 27th, 2018

Suzuki Group 1 (6-7 y.o.) 1. Told a scary story each, some true some made up (no reason) 2. Played Batman – of course! 3. Focus on rhythms: clapping, tapping, playing on open strings, reading off the board, writing on … Continue reading

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Guitar Method by Bradford Werner

My colleague Bradford Werner has recently issued a Classical Guitar Method for Beginners. I invite everyone to check it out: it is clear, accessible, extremely well thought through, and fun to learn from. Every piece and exercise has a very specific … Continue reading

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Suzuki Group June 24th & Field Trip to Dominelli Guitars

Two participants, 6 y.o. Review Basics: bow, 4 steps, rest position, play position for different songs, finger names Starting together: beginnings on Batman and Twinkle G pentascale together, naming the notes. Activity-coded cards on the board (in various order): – … Continue reading

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Helpful and inspiring videos

How to Practice Effectively How Playing an Instrument Benefits Your Brain The transformative power of classical music | Benjamin Zander

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Suzuki Group April 29th

Group: 2 children, age 6 Videos Catcerto by Nora the Cat and Orchestra Kittens listening to guitar Puppy listening to guitar Listened to Irina Kulikova play Kramskoy’s Folk Variations and guessed what the piece was about. Got some accurate answers: farm, … Continue reading

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Videos to Watch

Talented composer and guitarist from Vancouver Michael Bemmels writes Confectionary Sonata inspired by three nursery rhymes: “The Muffin Man,” “Hot Cross Buns,” and “Pat-a-Cake.” Watch here! Can you recognize the songs? Or here:    

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Student Tools

To start off, here is a tool for note learning called Note Houses, that I began using a few months ago, after watching some videos of the (highly regarded by me) piano teacher Valeri Pyasetski. I have been drawing these with … Continue reading

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